Sega Ages is making its way to Nintendo Switch

Posted on April 16, 2018

Sega FES has been a blast so far, but announcing that the Sega Ages collection is making a come back was definitely one of the most interesting announcements.

While very little information has come out of the Sega camp just yet, what is known is that Sonic the Hedgehog, Thunder Force IV and the original Phantasy Star will be available for download on the Nintendo Switch sometime in the winter (for Australians) of this year as part of the revival of the Sega AGES collection. What isn’t known is what will make up the rest of the promised at-least 15 games that will make up the selection.

If you aren’t aware of what Sega Ages is, it started off on the Sega Saturn with a re-release of Puzzle & Action: Tant-R, you know the one, but then moving over into more well-known games like Space Harrier, Outrun, and my personal favourite, Fantasy Zone. Once the PS2 got into Sega’s crosshairs, The Sega Ages 2500 collection started making its way out to consumers, named after its 2500Yen price tag. The Sega Ages 2500 collection had games such as Phantasy Star, two Fantasy Zone collections (one of which had a new version of Fantasy Zone II) and Panzer Dragoon.

With the library of games Sega has to work with, no doubt the rest of the collection will be incredible. Although if you don’t mind Sega, I could use another Fantasy Zone collection. Thanks.

Sega Ages will be released on Nintendo Switch sometime in winter this year.