Some crazy SEGA costumes are coming to the Persona dancing titles

Posted on April 17, 2018

As if the world of Persona couldn’t get anymore injections of pure fan service, SEGA has announced some crossover costumes coming to the upcoming dancing titles. The costumes have been sourced from the popular SEGA series Virtua Fighter, Yakuza, and Sonic (of course). The Virtua Fighter costumes are coming to Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night, while the Sonic and Yakuza costumes are coming to Persona 5: Dancing Star Night. Check out the promotional images below featuring the costumes!

Persona Dancing titles

Persona Dancing

Included in these costume packs are Goro Majima’s open shirt from Yakuza, and Morgana sporting a fresh Sonic onesie!  While the release dates for the costumes haven’t been revealed, we know they will be offered as DLC content for both games. The  videos below show off the costumes in action, check them out!

The two dancing titles will launch on May 24 in Japan for PS4 and PS Vita. We don’t know if the games are heading to western shores yet, however our fingers and toes are crossed!