Xbox One players will soon be able to link their Discord Accounts

Posted on April 29, 2018

PC gamers and console gamers, truly bitter rivals. Customisation V Convenience, Keyboards V Thumbsticks, it is truly a division amongst the community. Well, this may not have to remain the case. Cross-platform multiplayer is a steadily growing tide, and now cross-platform communication is on the cards. Microsoft has teamed up with popular text and voice chat service Discord to bring Xbox and PC gamers together at last.

Connecting your Xbox allows players to include their Xbox Gamertag in their profile. It will also allow you to display games you are playing beside your Discord profile. That is all that has been discussed with this partnership, with no information out about text or voice chat. This may be down the line, it is very early days yet.

How to get involved

From the Xbox end of things, previewing the Discord functionality will be available soon for Xbox Insiders. You’ll have the option to link your Xbox Live account to your Discord profile, and will become available to the larger Xbox community sometime soon after testing. To access this, go to the account settings menu on Xbox One, and choose “Linked Social accounts”. It’s here you’ll see a new option: linking your Discord account. You’ll get a code, put that into the connection tab of your Discord app and you’re good to go.

If you’d rather, you can sign in via your Discord app on your mobile or PC. Navigate to the connections tab under your settings, and when it’s live there should be a new Xbox Live connection option. When you’ve signed in, and done all the necessary permissions, your accounts will be all linked up and ready to go.

This is a pretty great offering to bring gamers of all kinds together. The Discord-Xbox Live connections will be available for use in the coming weeks.