Battlefield V gets a big live reveal and upsets sexists

Posted on May 24, 2018

With E3 just around the corner a fair amount of fans have been sitting on their hands waiting for the big day for any major announcements. Cashing in on this DICE EA took the opportunity to reveal  the latest entry in probably the companies most popular franchise, Battlefield V,  in a live stream.

Taking the franchise back to the familiar premise of World War II, one of the first things the developers wanted to make clear was that the game would choose to ignore the well known battles we’ve played so many times, such Normandy and Berlin. Instead the stories we will follow will take place in the corners of Europe that haven’t received the same attention. The first single player mission mentioned spoke of a young female resistance fighter trying to save her family in the far North of Norway.

If you’ve already watched the trailer than you already know the announcement that the internet seems to be struggling with most. In the gameplay we saw the bright and colourful back drop was spattered with lots of intense battles on land and in the air. The familiar mix of classical firearm design with modern sensibility is back on display but the home made historians obviously have no problem with this, no they’ve obviously clung to the idea of a British woman joining the fight, with a prosthetic arm — clearly the SJW meetings we all keep holding are paying off. Yes get ready because the man babies of youtube have created the hashtag #NotMyBattlefield and are pointing at this as an affront to the memory of the Second World War…but not the creation of a video game on those memories, nah that’s fine.

Yes in multiplayer we will be able to completely customise our avatars including female characters, something that the last Battlefield entry left off until later DLC, and I for one welcome our new prosthetic wielding female comrades. On the topic of DLC, EA DICE have told us that with Battlefield V we will not see the return of the Premium Pass which players purchased to receive future DLC for the multiplayer aspect of the game in Battlefield IV. Instead this time all future DLC will be free for all players after the Premium Pass split the player base in the World War I set predecessor.

If you’re already happy to hear about that wait until you hear that the game will feature no loot boxes in Battlefield V, clearing learning from the Star Wars Battlefront II debacle from last year. All gameplay modifications can be earned only through gameplay while there will possibly be cosmetic additions you’ll be able to purchase with real money, this information is still a little unclear but EA DICE have been very clear there will be no loot boxes. Something else we’d expected that is missing is the rumoured Battle Royale, if that will be coming later we still aren’t sure but for now it hasn’t been revealed.

So far everything point to EA DICE trying their hands at something new, from new gameplay modes to help introduce newer players, a new DLC roadmap and distribution plan, previously un explored stories from WWII and embracing the idea of avatar diversity means that this could be a fresh entry from one of the FPS giants.

You can check out the live stream for all the details for Battlefield V and be sure to watch the fast paced bombastic gameplay trailer below, British female avatar and all.