Bethesda reveals gameplay and story details for RAGE 2

Posted on May 18, 2018

A few days ago, we reported on the reveal of Bethesda’s RAGE 2, to be developed by Avalanche Studios and Id software. Whilst the live action teaser trailer didn’t tell us very much about the game itself and how it plays, a new gameplay trailer has been released which gives us much more information on the story and gameplay.

Like its 2011 predecessor, RAGE 2 is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland populated by roving bands of scavengers and bandits. As the narrator points out, after society fell “insanity rules”, which of course means strapping on random bits of sporting equipment, finding as many guns as possible and raiding stuff. According to the trailer, the game takes place after a meteor decimated humanity’s population and destroyed society, leaving the tyrannical Authority to rule with an iron fist. You will play as Walker, the Wasteland’s last Ranger, who was left for dead and robbed of his home and must fight to take back the Wasteland from the Authority. From the sounds of things, RAGE 2 won’t be too closely linked to 2011’s RAGE. This is probably a good idea since the last game came out 7 years ago to a mixed reception.

As far as gameplay goes, it appears to be a fast-paced, first person shooter with driving elements, taking place in an open world. It is easy to see the influence of 2015’s Mad Max, another Avalanche Studios game, especially in the hectic car combat sequences. In addition to “INSANE ACTION”, RAGE 2’s trailer promises “BIG F%$@ING GUNS”, which is always nice to see in shooters, particularly ones that seek to compete with similar wasteland open world shooters like Borderlands and Fallout.

Bethesda has not announced a release date for RAGE 2 yet, but has confirmed that it will release in Autumn 2019. They have also announced that we will see more of RAGE 2 at its E3 conference later this year.