The Colour of Madness DLC announced for Darkest Dungeon

Posted on May 12, 2018

Played through Darkest Dungeon and haven’t had enough? Well, developer Red Hook has announced another expansion pack for the game to allow players to grind endlessly and compare their skills against friends.

In The Colour of Madness , a mysterious comet has landed in the mill, causing strange and disturbing phenomena.  The DLC will add a new quest type, where players fight against waves of enemies, edging closer to the crash site. In these quests, the player must survive as long as long as possible, with their final enemy body count able to be compared with other players online.

It also provides a new enemy faction in the Miller and his farmhands, who roam the deserted Mill and spread the influence of the Comet’s light. In addition, new trinkets will be available, which can be purchased with Comet Shards acquired by completing quests at the Mill.

Darkest Dungeon


Darkest Dungeon has always had a very strong Lovecraft influence, and this one in particular brings cosmic horror aspects. This DLC comes after the Crimson Court expansion, which was themed around vampires. In particular, the bright blue colour scheme of the new area and enemies looks amazing, and fits in with the game’s gothic art style in an interesting way.

The Colour of Madness will release for PC, Mac and Linux on June 19, with releases for the console versions of the game coming at a later date.