Fortnite players: Brace for impact!

Posted on May 1, 2018

Fortnite Battle Royale has been growing in popularity since its inception late last year, and Epic Games has told all players to brace for impact ahead of Season 4 starting tonight.

It all started when season 3 began a few months ago. A space themed season with a range of space themed skins and gear to collect, there was an ominous comet lingering in the sky that some switched on players happened to notice.

Fortnite meteor

While it may have just been a part of the theme, the comet has been getting progressively closer week after week. Controllers started vibrating in strange patterns. Viewing areas were placed randomly around the map, with telescopes aiming at the sky. Theories started to spread. Was a comet going to hit the map somewhere? Could it possibly destroy a named location completely, causing a bit of a reset?

Fortnite players online have been discussing the possibilities, with many thinking that it could be aimed squarely at Tilted Towers, a hot-spot that basically everyone thinks is unbalanced as half the players in each map tend to drop there, thinning the playing field quickly. This was heightened when TVs across the map changed from static to an emergency broadcast message featuring the games trademark pinata, complete with emergency tone.

Fortnite emergency

To add to chaos, actual meteors have started hitting the ground over the last week. They haven’t been hitting actual players, but they have been destroying structures and just generally crashing into the earth.

Epic Games posted on their Twitter today that everyone should “brace for impact” with Season 4 kicking off as soon as Season 3 ends, which is after the scheduled downtime that will take place tonight, 6pm AEST for an undisclosed amount of time. It’s also been heavily implied on social media from the official Fortnite pages that a superhero theme is imminent.

Fortnite Battle Royale might not have much of a story to it, but the way they’ve built hype around the new season by adding these changes to the map over the last several weeks is definitely one of the more unique and exciting ways to bring in a change to the map or new content.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens… but there’s not long to go now before we know for sure what season 4 will bring.