Hacknet is an amazing Aussie indie game currently free for PC

Posted on May 25, 2018

If you ever wanted to live a hacking fantasy then now is the best time to do so. Hacknet – Deluxe, an Australian made indie game is currently free on the Humble Store available as both a DRM free product and as a Steam code.

Hacknet was originally available in 2015 and allowed players to engage in a series of data heists as you play as a member of an elite hacking group. The game was commercially and critically successful, and stands as one of the most acclaimed titles to come out of Australia.

The game is developed by a one man team coming out of Adelaide by the name of Team Fractal Alligator. Hacknet’s expansion was also shortlisted as a nominee for the 2017 Australian Game Developer Awards. It’s the kind of game that works perfectly as a pick up and play title, not requiring your attention for long bursts of time. Although the game is actually surprisingly deep once you get the ball rolling.

The game is available for free for a limited time, so make sure you head to the Humble Store to pick it up whilst you can. Hacknet – Deluxe comes with the base game as well as the official soundtrack. Time to get your hack on.