Hollow Knight on the Switch is (apparently) almost ready

Posted on May 16, 2018

Nintendo Switch owners will soon be able to explore Hallownest for themselves. Adelaide-based studio Team Cherry has announced that their atmospheric Metroidvania game, Hollow Knight, is coming to the Switch “very soon”.

In a recent interview with Nintendo Life at the Bitsummit indie games event in Japan, the Aussie developers said that they were finally “at the finish line” in regards to the Switch version of Hollow Knight, which has developed quite the cult-following since being released on Steam in February last year.

“The time that we’ve put into it has made the Switch version the perfect version of Hollow Knight and it really was worth the time we have taken.”

Those who have been following Hollow Knight’s Switch port may understandably take the news with a grain of salt – after all, Team Cherry first announced that the game would be released on the Switch “not too long after the platform’s launch way back in January 2017,  before the console had even hit the market. It was then pushed back until “early 2018”,  and many fans were left disappointed after its notable absence from the March Nindies Showcase.

Given it’s the studio’s first game and they seem to genuinely be working their butts off to make it perfect, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this and I am desperately hoping that “very soon” at the very least means ‘in 2018’.

There is some more good news for frustrated fans – Team Cherry also confirmed that all of the (free) expansions to the game, including the Hidden Dreams and The Grimm Troupe updates, would be incorporated into the Switch version (although it’s unclear whether it will also include the upcoming Gods and Glory update, given that it was also supposed to launch in “early 2018”, after the Switch port). In the Nintendo Life interview, the developers also acknowledged the desire from fans for a physical release of the game as something that they’re currently having discussions about, and something which they are completely on board with – “we are doing everything in our power to make that happen”.

Hollow Knight