Overwatch releases Pink Mercy Skin for Breast Cancer Research

Posted on May 10, 2018

There is a lot of good that video games can do for the world. Games bring people together, games can help combat mental illness. But the real help is an emerging use of video games to raise money for charity. This time Overwatch is up to bat, announcing their Pink Mercy event, raising money for Breast Cancer research.

On the selling floor is a range of digital and physical merchandise. The centerpiece is a new skin for Mercy, known simply as “Pink Mercy”.  The skin is $15 USD and is purchasable directly (rather than hoping for it in a lootbox). Additionally, Pink Mercy T-Shirts are available for pre-order for $30 USD. Finally, there will be Twitch drops for tuning in to one of the many sponsored charity streams.

Pink Mercy T-Shirt

100% of the money raised from Pink Mercy Merch sales will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, with a guaranteed minimum of $250,000 USD. The fundraiser is currently running and will end May 21st.

As always it is great to see video game companies utilising their audience to help fund worthy causes. Best of Luck to Blizzard in raising a lot of money for the BCRF.