Overwatch’s new Venice map, Rialto, is live!

Posted on May 5, 2018

Overwatch’s Retribution event is over, sadly. The temprorary¬†game mode let players step into the shoes of Blackwatch agents in their darkest hours. Fleeing through the streets of Venice, in the wake of a stealth mission gone awry. Well do not fear if there is a Venice-shaped hole in your heart! Venice is back in the latest patch of Overwatch! Rialto, set in The Floating City, is the latest escort map, the fourth for the game thus far.

Most of the player tweaks in this latest update are fairly minor, the exception being Hanzo. For his lifespan in the game, his big offensive ability has been the Scatter Arrow. It’s pretty self explanatory, fire a Scatter arrow, when it hits the wall (or floor etc.) it splits and ricochets into 3 separate projectiles. It’s a cool technique, but one that’s been substituted out for a more direct approach – the Storm Arrow. The Storm Arrow is a rapid fire volley of 6 arrows which can deliver huge damage in a short burst.

As always Overwatch continues to go from strength to strength. With a constant stream of content heading to the game it remains a great time to jump in and join the fight.