Steam Link app coming to mobile, enables Steam games on your phone

Posted on May 11, 2018

Anyone who has wanted to play FTL on mobile may finally get their chance with Steam Link, the in-home streaming device from Valve, now coming to Android and iOS in app form.

Hardware requirements on the Android/iOS side aren’t laid out in the press release from Valve, but it will require a hefty 5ghz wireless connection, or a wired ethernet connection to use the Steam Link. You will also be able to use devices like AppleTV and Android-powered smart TVs to access Steam Link, which should make some people’s already existing setups look much more appealing.

Steam Link enabling Steam play on mobile

On the controller side, Steam Link has support for the Steam Controller, MFi controllers, and a very nebulous “more” across both platforms. This should hopefully include anything you can already hook up to your devices like standard bluetooth controllers.

Valve hasn’t given a lot of warning with this new app, with release expected May 21st and a Steam Video app coming some time soon to compliment it.