Aussie based studio announces new game The Stillness of the Wind

Posted on May 5, 2018

Australian development studio Surprise Attack Games have announced The Stillness of the Wind, a quiet, story-based game for PC and Mac later this year.

This game is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed game Where the Goats Are, and follows the life of Talma, an elderly goat farmer on a remote homestead. Living a quiet and productive life during her final years, she begins receiving increasingly disturbing letters from her family in the city. In the game, the player must develop a routine and care for your goats, collect cheese and crops, cook food and barter with the local merchant.

From the looks of the trailer, it appears to be quite a slow-paced, story-focused game, which is a welcome change of pace from the more hectic action and strategy games on the market.  The more contemplative gameplay is paired with a striking art design with a minimalist touch and warmer tones that are reminiscent of the colours of the Australia Bush. This obviously comes from Surprise Attack Games being a local studio that brought us other amazing titles such as Orwell and FRAMED, which has just been announced for new platforms.

It’s always exciting to see more local content being made. The Stillness of the Wind will be available on PC and Mac via Steam and later this year. Be sure to check out the trailer below.