SUPERHOT is getting a new game inspired by and made in Japan

Posted on May 15, 2018

SUPERHOT, well known for it’s mechanic of time only progressing when you move, is getting a brand new stand alone game. What set’s this apart from the original? SUPERHOT JP, or at least that is the current codename, a new take on the shooter that is inspired by and made in Japan.

The new addition to the series, developed by Japanese studio GameTomo, will feature a few new things. The new “Remix” will bring a new storyline (15-18 levels) and new endless modes (3-4 levels), as you’d expect. The locales will each be distinctly Japanese, giving a nice spectrum of culture. On one hand, ancient samurai castles, and traditional hot springs; on the other,  karaoke bars, Tokyo alleys and Bullet trains.

What’s also pretty rad though is more weapons are on the way. At this stage, the only addition we’ve been told about is a bow and arrow. But still, any addition is a good addition. If what was added to previous expansion, “Mind Control Delete” is any indication, they will likely be a lot of great new toys.

A samurai hot in SUPERHOTUnfortunately, this is early days so there are few details beyond that. The release details are basically non-existent. In fact, only Japan has the go ahead, after which they will release to “possibly other countries worldwide”. It will be released on at least two consoles, PC & PlayStation 4, and will be priced “very reasonably”.

Either way, it is very exciting to see a collaboration on such a fantastic game. I, for one, am very excited to see what kind of weird, wonderful and, of course, badass gameplay moments SUPERHOT JP will bring us.