Switch’s new charging stand makes tabletop mode easier

Posted on May 12, 2018

Nintendo has just announced that they will be releasing a new adjustable charging stand for the Nintendo Switch, allowing users to much more easily play in tabletop mode.

The new charging stand finally addresses an issue that most Switch users would have likely faced at one point or another – that is, not being able to play and charge the Switch simultaneously in tabletop mode. Until now,  owners who wanted to charge their Switch while playing  had limited options; they could either dock it and play off a TV (taking away one of its main appeals – portability) or plug in the charging cable and play in handheld mode (effectively removing most multiplayer options).

The positioning of the charging port under the console made charging whilst playing in tabletop mode a pretty futile endeavour.

Nintendo Switch charging stand

The new charging stand fixes this issue, essentially moving the charging port to the side instead of the bottom.  The stand can also be adjusted to get the most optimal game playing angles, and has the added bonus of providing a sturdier alternative for people who have absolutely no faith in the Switch’s super flimsy kickstand (me!).

The adjustable charging stand will be available from 13 July and will retail at $29.95.