Two become one! Zamasu and Vegito announced for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Posted on May 6, 2018

If at first you don’t succeed, fuse and then beat the crap out of your opponent! This has always been a solid method of powering up in the Dragon Ball universe and certainly nothing to sneer at when you see how much of a power upgrade certain characters get when fused. No other pair have made such an impact as when Goku and Vegeta fuse to create the tremendously overpowered Vegito. There are few who can measure up to this Super Saiyan God, so it stands to reason that only another fused opponent would be able to. Enter Fused Zamasu, who’s power also comes from the Gods, and he is hell bent on erasing all of humanity. Both of these insanely powerful gods will be coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ as DLC in the near future.

Seeing as how Zamasu was a rather tenacious villain in the Dragon Ball Super series, it stands to reason that his character within Dragon Ball FighterZ will be just as problematic to deal with. Both his power and reach will be above average so anyone hoping to take him on will need to play defensively and attack when his guard is down. Thankfully to compensate for this, his speed will be relatively average, allowing faster fighters a chance to gain the upper hand. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security however, Zamasu’s attacks will not be the only advantage he possesses. It has been revealed that he will be the only character able to actively fly on stage, making him a rather problematic enemy.

Fighting fusion with fusion seems to be the answer in Dragon Ball FighterZ as Super Saiyan Blue Vegito bursts onto the stage to take on fused Zamasu. Already fierce opponents by themselves, having Goku and Vegeta combine their powers seems like a no brainer. Proficient at both close range and long range attacks, Vegito will beat you down with a flurry of fast kicks before using his signature moves, Spirit Sword or Final Kamehameha, to finish you off. Vegito’s speed seems to be slightly better than that of Zamasu, so here’s hoping he acts as a counter balance to the villains sheer power in the game.

With both Zamasu (fused) and Vegito (SSGSS) finally announced it is still unclear when these two fighters will be coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ. However, if the last DLC trailer and release period was any indicator for time, we should expect both of these characters to arrive hopefully by the end of May, or the beginning of June as Broly and Bardok were released roughly a month after their announcement. With Dragon Ball FighterZ rising up the ranks in competitive tournaments world wide, it makes sense to get out these new DLC characters sooner rather than later, to bolster the roster.