Blue Byte winds back the clock and officially reveals Anno 1800

Posted on June 14, 2018

The Anno series is a personal favourite of mine. I missed out on being able to fully experience Anno 2205 as a result of falling behind in the PC tech race. Thankfully I’m back up to speed and keen as hell to get my hands on the brand new release, Anno 1800.

The opening visuals of the reveal trailer presented a stunning look into what the game is set to offer. The naval potential, agriculture, civilisation and industrial elements of Anno are the cornerstones of its success. Each component was teased beautifully and I’m keen to see how everything is applied to the to the setting of Anno 1800.

Beautiful city scares in Anno 1800

We all need to take a moment to appreciate the 19th century for the excellent choice of background that it is. An era of intense civilisation, revolution, technology, intrigue and conspiracy is such a natural choice. The decision to go back in time is interesting (it’s the first time it’s happened in the progression of the series since 1404) but I feel will be justified. The empires of that time were titans of might and influence and should provide some great material to work with.

One thing I’m especially impressed with is the Anno Union site and I’m glad it got some air time during the PC gaming show. Executive producer Burkhard Ratheiser and community developer Bastian Thun emphasised how valued community feedback provided has been. From voting on preferred content to providing focus group discussion material, it’s a compendium of material that I would highly suggest you check out.

It’s nice to know that Anno 1800 is staying on the PC platform. I am somewhat resentful of the vague release date we’ve received for now, Winter 2018, but I’m excited for the game to hit the shelves.