Battle in style with Bravery Network Online

Posted on June 12, 2018

Lovers of alternative styles and the unconventional would want to take a moment to soak in this cool new reveal of the self described Post-post-apocalyptic fighter, Bravery Network Online.  Among one of three games to be revealed by Untitled Publisher during the PC Gaming Show this morning, BNO stood out to many with it’s unique aesthetics and rock solid game and character design.

The young game studio behind the magic, the Gloam Collective, commit themselves to making games that are unique and stylish, leaning in favour towards the more alternative gaming experiences, and it definitely shows here in this game. There is not much information on the game so far, only that Bravery Network Online will involve strategic turn-based 2D battles against friend and foe alike.  We can expect to see this game available sometime in 2019 for both PC and Mac.

Whatever your gaming preference, you can’t deny that what they’ve shown us so far looks intriguing and cool as heck! If anything else, their art style deserves some appreciation, and Bravery Network Online are dedicated to building the hype by sharing art, character bios, gifs and more on their respective Twitter and Tumblr accounts. You can also keep up to date and check on it’s progress by visiting their website here and signing up for updates, or joining their discord!