Black Desert beta for Xbox One coming in 2018

Posted on June 11, 2018

A beta version of the MMORPG Black Desert will be available on Xbox One later this year, Microsoft announced today at their E3 conference.

Black Desert, first known as Black Desert Online, was first released for western audiences on PC in 2016. It’s set in a high-fantasy world of arcane magic and strange creatures. It’s perhaps most well-known for it’s comprehensive character creation tool, which allowed players to mold their character’s face and hair to their will. The trailer shows off a number of the many playable classes as well as a bunch of cool environments to look forward to. Upon its initial release, the game received widely positive reviews and was praised for its never-ending gameplay and amazing graphics. It boasted fast-paced combat with an expansive skill tree, an enormous world to explore full of lively settlements, and endless different things to do within the world.

We first learned that console versions of Black Desert were in development back in 2017. There is no news on the PS4 version as of yet, but Xbox users can register to receive the beta from the official website. Xbox One X users will have the added benefit of experiencing the game in a 4K resolution.