Dataminers have picked apart the Mario Tennis Aces demo – Here’s what we know

Posted on June 4, 2018

The Mario Tennis Aces demo is up and ready for your consumption. A demo, available on the Nintendo eShop, now supports the online tournament mode. There’s also a VS COM section, and a tutorial section, so it’s worth tuning in for the free weekend. But if you want a little more info about the first-party Switch release, dataminers are here to help you out. In a series of Tweets by user Blazingfire, the dataminer revealed a few tidbits of information.

Playable Characters:

Some playable characters have already been confirmed for the game. In fact, Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and Bowser are all available to play immediately within the demo. Unlockable in the demo are the characters Waluigi, Toad, Spike, Rosalina, and Chain Chomp. On top of these 8 we also know that Luigi, Wario, Daisy, Toadette, Bowser Jr., Boo, and Donkey Kong will be available to unlock and play in the full game.

Text strings uncovered during the datamine then gave us a list of unannounced playable characters. These characters include Birdo, Diddy Kong, Koopa Troopa, Paratroopa, Kamek, Dry Bones, Boom Boom, Blooper, Shy Guy, and the Miis. Certainly an interesting mix should the datamine be believed.

Luigi in Mario Tennis Aces


Aces is bringing in a story mode, and whenever there is a Mario Story Mode, there are bosses. The full list of strings uncovered for Mario Tennis Aces bosses are as follows: Petey Piranha, Gooper Blooper, boss_icegolem, boss_esterkoopa, boss_mirage, boss_statuekooopa, and inishienoudedameshi. Some of those strings of text still remain cryptic, although the internet is certainly ablaze with speculation.


The list seems a little anemic. Blazingfire wasn’t able to decrypt some text files, so we don’t have actual names. But as it stands the list is: Stadium, Haunted, Battleship, Bowsercastle, Snowmountain, Sand, and Forest. Each court (except stadium) has 3 main variations, and as Blazingfire speculates, it is “likely for the regular gimmick and minigame/boss”.

As it stands there’s a lot of bits and pieces of information about Mario Tennis Aces, but a lot left unsaid. With the demo operational, and the full game set to release on June 22, we will be able to fill in all of the blanks soon enough.