Death Stranding reveals gameplay, confuses audiences

Posted on June 12, 2018

One game that has baffled audiences since it was originally revealed back in June 2016 is Death Stranding. The game is from Kojima Productions and features Norman Reedus, from Walking Dead fame, as the game’s protagonist.

Since reveal and until now we have never seen actual gameplay footage. All we have seen is cinematic and teaser trailers that quite frankly have intrigued yet confused audiences. Now we finally have real gameplay which helps to answer some of our questions… and leaves a whole lot still unanswered. Check it out!

The game is a 3rd person experience taking place in a hostile world. The trailer shows more of what we have been teased including dead whales, invisible beasties with human hand prints, some kind of fetus, and other incredibly weird happenings. We also see some horrific looking shadow demons and get introduced to some of the game’s other characters. If you’re anything like me you’re now desperate to learn more about this world that is being crafted because things just seem so… unusual.

Unfortunately no release date is available and this one may be still quite some time away. Although we do know it will be coming to the PlayStation 4. Hold tight, no doubt more details for this game will be heading our way.