FromSoftware’s Playstation VR adventure game Deracine revealed

Posted on June 17, 2018

FromSoftware, the renowned developer of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, has revealed its newest title, Deracine. It will be exclusive to the Playstation VR, and be a slow-paced adventure game instead of another Action-RPG. Whilst some gamers were probably expecting a reveal of Bloodborne 2, we did receive the reveal of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and sometimes it is good for a developer to step outside their comfort zone.  So what does the trailer show us?

In the game, you play as a fairy inhabiting a secluded boarding school. You influence the environment, and prove your existence and build bonds with the students at the school. As the story unfolds, the fairy must use its powers of time and space to alter the fates of the school’s inhabitants.

Unlike Bloodborne and Dark Souls, which both had incredibly bleak, gothic art styles and stories, Deracine seems to be quite pleasant and calming in tone. What’s more, the genre makes it unlikely that players will have to constantly be trying to not die. Players move about the environment by teleporting around the school, and manipulating environments with the Move controllers. The teleporting between stationary positions, similar to how DOOM VR works, is likely a way of preventing the motion sickness that can occur when players move around too much in a VR game.

The title, “Deracine”, is a French word, meaning “Uprooted”. This could refer to the fairy protagonist, summoned into the mortal world, or the students, who have been transferred to the rustic boarding school away from society. It suggests a slower, character and theme-focused story, which sounds quite interesting.

No precise release date has been revealed, but it is set to be released later this year.