Dying Light 2 brings the zombies and parkour, you bring the choices

Posted on June 11, 2018

It has been been 3 years since the world was bowled over by the crazy parkour zombie smash ‘em up, Dying Light. Now we finally have a sequel revealed. Dying Light 2, is a new and improved take on the zombie and free running formula.

The standard skeleton is still here. Run, Jump, Ledge grab, all the great parkour mechanics you’ve come to expect. It’s super fluid looking and just looks like an absolute joy to behold. Once again, the titular Dying Light means one thing: Don’t stay out after dark. That’s when the super scary chasy zombies are coming for you.

But the sequel is going to add some new stuff to the table. Dying Light 2 is set in a dynamic world that is shaped by the player’s choices. Consider an example from the presentation: You are tasked with getting water from another faction as a mission for the Peacemakers. You can do so violently, ensuring you get the water for the Peacemakers. They will be able to continue holding the peace, but understanding, they maintain “peace” by regularly executing those that oppose them. If you instead defy the Peacemakers and help their rivals sell their water on the black market. The Peacemakers won’t be able to control the people. But it may attract other criminals.

Dying Light 2

Overall, Dying Light 2 looks like a fantastic game. Dying Light was already a fluid exciting hybrid of parkour gameplay with Zombie Survival. The addition of choice mechanics really just helps flesh out the world as a whole. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

As of yet, no details have emerged regarding a release date for Dying Light 2, which means it’s likely set for 2019.