Experience neon dreams in Neo Cab’s E3 trailer

Posted on June 12, 2018

Neo Cab is the debut survival game for  Californian based indie developers Chance Agency. The trailer shown at this year’s E3 is a vibrant, electric neon dream, and looks like an interesting game full of  dialogue-heavy, impactful choices. According to Chance Agency, Neo Cab is “an emotional survival game about gig labor, tech disruption and the experience of being a driver-for-hire… perhaps the last of their kind”. The story follows Lina, a human cab driver, in the city of Los Ojos, where almost all menial tasks are performed by A.I.’s. She works for Neo Cabs, a company who’s main clientele are made up of people who “don’t fit” well in the current society.

It’s up to the player to determine which fares Lina will accept and taxi to their destinations. Similar to that of Uber drivers, Lina will be expected to score highly with her drivers rating and this will be achieved through positive interactions with her patrons. However it would seem that there is more to the choice of dialogue Lina will be able to chose from, and each choice will have some affect on her own emotional health and future interactions with others.

Neo Cab

According to the Story Editor of Neo Cab, Paula Rogers, it took a lot of consideration to working out how to tell Lina’s tale, stating:

To capture the energy of driving in a big city, it had to feel like anyone could hop in Lina’s car—any weird or sad or funny or kind person from any walk of life. That meant not only a high number of pax, but a very broad range of diversity in those characters—while all being thematically linked in some way so everything feels like part of the same game. It’s like a short story collection viewed through a hall of mirrors, or a season of television where each episode is told by a different character.

So Neo Cab, both during main story segments and side stories, strives to make it feel like one seamless adventure, all while encouraging players to take care as to how they play.

Neo Cab

While no official date has been announced for Neo Cab’s release to the PC, those interested in this upcoming survival game can jump over to Chance Agency’s offical website and sign up for  email updates as they come out.