Fallout 76 revealed in detail at E3

Posted on June 11, 2018

We’ve been hearing a lot about Fallout 76 recently. The game is set to be a spin-off from traditional Fallout games set a mere 20 years after the bombs dropped. Vault 76 is full of America’s best and brightest who are to be sent off into the harsh wasteland well before the inhabitants of other vaults.

There were a lot of questions unanswered however, but thankfully Bethesda revealed a lot about the new game at E3 2018. Check out the new trailer.

The game is set to be an online multiplayer experience 4 times bigger than Fallout 4. Every character within the world will be another real player although the game won’t be rampant with players, it is a wasteland after all. A lot of new enemies were revealed and quite frankly they look creepy.

We also know that your progression within the game will persist regardless of deaths, or if you join a friend’s server. The game is set to release Nov 14 2018. Also revealed was a Fallout 76 Collectors Edition which comes with a functional power armour headpiece. I know some people are going to go crazy over this…

The final reveal surrounding the Fallout franchise was all about the mobile game spinoff, Fallout Shelter. Being available for 3 years now, Fallout Shelter allows you to run your own Fallout bunker. The news from today’s E3 is that the game is making the move to both Switch and PS4 and is available right now. Happy Fallout everybody!