First trailer for new Fire Emblem Three Houses

Posted on June 13, 2018

In 2017, Nintendo teased that they were creating an all-new Fire Emblem game for the Switch. This time at E3, they finally revealed their hand and shared the details for Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Across a large map, several forces appear to be at war. The title Three Houses tells us the game will be about a conflict between three armies instead of the usual two, The trailer reveals some different characters including sword, axe, and spear units. Pegasus riders are seen as well, and this time the emphasis appears to be on showing the one-on-one combat on the backdrop of an actual battlefield.  Some brand-new battles were introduced as well, with entire platoons facing off.

The game is taking full advantage of its graphical capability with full character models pulling off fluid animations in battle closer to the animation style of the cutscenes. The turn-based tactical strategy has gotten a flashy touch-up, with the graphics looking as gorgeous as what we’ve come to expect from Fire Emblem. It’s shaping up to be the best-looking main line Fire Emblem to date.

No further information was given, so there’s still lots to learn about this new title. The release date seems to have been pushed back from 2018  to sometime in 2019.