For Honor’s most ambitious update ever is coming

Posted on June 12, 2018

Despite a problematic start when it launched, Ubisoft have been committed to making For Honor the best game it can possibly be in its multiple content updates, ongoing plan and the introduction of dedicated servers.

At E3, they revealed that there is more coming for the multiplayer action brawler, with their biggest and most ambitious content update ever coming on October 16th.

The update, named “Marching Fire”, will include a new faction called Wu Lin and 4 new heroes from the Far East, with armor and weaponry heavily influenced by the Han Dynasty. The heroes include Shaolin, Tiandi, Jiang Jun and Nuxia. It also boasts new PvP and PvE game modes, significant visual enhancements and more.

A new mode, yet to be revealed, will offer “unlimited single player and 2-person co-op PVE content”. The major new strategic 4v4 game mode, Breach, was outlined in even further detail, where you either take the role of a team attacking the castle, while the other team defends and protects your Lord. Check it out in the gameplay trailer below.

It’s fantastic to see ongoing support for a game that they could have left alone with its failings, showing Ubisoft’s commitment to their IP. To be bringing such a major update almost two years into For Honor’s life cycle is great for fans and hopefully inspires new players to give it a shot as well.

You can also download For Honor for free on PC via Uplay, right up until June 18th. Marching Fire will be available as a free update on October 16th.

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