Generation Zero unveiled by Avalanche Studios

Posted on June 8, 2018

Avalanche Studios, known for developing the Just Cause franchise, 2015’s Mad Max and also for collaborating on the recently revealed Rage 2, has announced a new title; Generation Zero.

An open-world action game set in 1980’s Sweden, the trailer showcases four kids fighting off mechanized monsters, with a range of  weapons. It looks like an interesting combination, and is the first self-published video game from the talented studio that has provided some very successful and enjoyable action titles in the past. Check it out below.

Game director Emil Kraftling referred to Generation Zero as a guerilla action game, stating “If there is something I have learnt from 10 years of developing open world sandbox games, it is to let go of the reins and let the player take control. Don’t force solutions or dictate how they should play. Just provide the right toolbox of creative toys to play around with, and they will come up with solutions that you could never have imagined beforehand.” 

The game will run on the Apex engine, the same one that was used for the explosive Just Cause 3. It will also feature a day/night cycle and persistent damage to enemies, meaning they will continue to wear and show damage taken ongoing in the world, until they’re eventually taken out. It’s also said to be a seamless co-operative multiplayer experience for those who have three friends they want to squad with.

Generation Zero

I’m sure we’ll find out more about Generation Zero at E3 next week, but in the meantime we’ll have to wait and see as it is set for release sometime in 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.