Hollow Knight Switch available right now

Posted on June 13, 2018

During Nintendo’s digital conference this E3, they announced that a number of digital titles would be hitting the Nintendo Eshop, including the popular indie Hollow Knight Switch.

Many of the titles are coming very soon, but Hollow Knight Switch stands out as it’s actually available right now!

First released in 2017, Hollow Knight is a tough but fair 2D action adventure that takes you through a ruined kingdom of insects. The world is huge, full of creepy caves and caverns full of bosses and surprises, with a combat system that makes battle epic fun. The game amassed critical acclaim across multiple websites and communities. It features a classic hand-drawn style that is just beautiful, and a memorable soundtrack.

Hollow Knight Switch

On top of that, the game has been updated with free content updates since it launched that will also be available on the Switch version, along with the upcoming Gods & Glory update later this year. If you missed this gem when it first released, the Switch version is the perfect time to become captivated with Hollow Knight.