Infliction is an upcoming Aussie horror game worth checking out

Posted on June 26, 2018

Infliction is a terrifying journey through a fractured family home. It’s a horror game that asks you to uncover the secrets, piece together the facts, and explore a story of grief, loss and betrayal. It’s also a game made almost entirely by a single Sydney-based developer, and a game that is well worth your attention.

Announced as part of a freshly launched Kickstarter campaign, the game has you wander around a house and uncover the truth behind a dark and twisted story of loss. Think ‘Gone Home’ except you’re also being stalked by a vengeful and angry entity who blames you for their fate. Whilst the game may not be out yet I have had the opportunity to play through a short demo ahead of the campaign, which went live this morning.

The demo may not quite have the same depth and length as P.T., Resident Evil 7, or Outlast 2, but what it does show is a genuinely surprising amount of quality to the game’s visuals, sound design, and voice acting. The demo also has a ludicrous amount of detail it its world design including fake brands, letters, and environmental details that make the world come to life as you rummage through drawers and shelves.

The demo for Infliction (which you can download and check out here) is certainly worth checking out if you don’t mind a scare or two. If you’re anything like me you’ll be immediately taken aback by how well crafted the experience is especially coming from a single developer. If the full game can hold the same quality as the demo and engage players within the story and mystery then we certainly have a winning game on our hands.

Infliction’s Kickstarter campaign can be found here. It’s worth jumping in and supporting, especially because it is a project being made by a local developer who clearly has a lot of talent. The game is expected to launch around Halloween 2018 with money raised via Kickstarter going towards better animation quality, localising in other language, and (hopefully) a port to consoles.

Infliction screenshots