Arkane introduces Prey: Mooncrash and a Free Update to the base game

Posted on June 11, 2018

If you’re anything like us you enjoyed Prey, well do we have good news for you because Arkane and Bethesda are nowhere near finished with their space horror prop hunt title.¬†Available today the free updates will add new modes, one for those who’d like to explore without distraction, another for those looking for a bit more of a challenge with a New Game + and finally a survival mode. But the fun doesn’t stop there as we were introduced to Prey: Mooncrash.

Mooncrash is available today and is a Rogue-Lite that tasks you with attempting to escape a Lunar colony infested with enemy AI and Typhons trying to stop you. Each run will be unique as you find new items and different survivors to make your escape attempt.

But Arkane was not done with just a single player experience, later this year Prey will get a new mode called Typhon Hunter, which is an asymmetric multiplayer. Typhon Hunter will see one human character as they try to survive against a group of shape-shifting Typhon aliens controlled by the other players in a deadly game of hide and seek. And yes, the Typhoon players can disguise as a coffee mug.