Mystery title The Quiet Man revealed at E3

Posted on June 12, 2018

Square Enix didn’t have much to show us this year, but they did show us a mysterious new IP called The Quiet Man.

In it, a young man who appears to be deaf is accosted by three men in alley. Using some cool-looking moves, the youth fights them off. It looks to be set in a grungy and run-down city, which suggests it might be a dystopian story of some kind. That’s pretty much it. There are a lot of questions to be answered here, like the game’s genre, gameplay, and story – we’re not even sure if Square Enix is the one developing it.

Though no gameplay was shown or confirmed, judging from this live action teaser it will have elements of a 3rd person brawler. A deaf main character could make for some interesting and unique gameplay, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing more from this title. We’ll just have to wait until August when we’ve been promised more information.

Update: Bandai Namco have been attached to this project and have reached out with the following statement.

“THE QUIET MAN takes players beyond sound to deliver an immersive story driven cinematic action experience, which can be completed in one sitting. Seamlessly blending high-production live action, realistic CG and pulse-pounding action gameplay.”

a victim of The Quiet Man