Realm Royale enters Steam Early Access

Posted on June 6, 2018

The big trend in the AAA space as of late is the online multiplayer “Battle Royale” game. Every company seems intent on capitalising on this exciting new style of gameplay. But rest assured, there are still unique interesting experiences to be had. Consider, Realm Royale a fantasy take on last man standing multiplayer.

What sets Realm Royale apart is the classes. Drawing off classic fantasy roles, each with their own playstyles. Rain down fireballs as a Mage or deploy turrets as an Engineer. 100 Players are dropped into a giant fantasy-inspired map, full of goblin villages and mushroom forests. Find chests around the map to find weapons and abilities to fully customise your character and lead your personal champion to victory. In another departure from the norm, summonable mounts let you explore the ever-shrinking battlefield with ease.

Realm Royale adds a lot of strategy to the standard Battle Royale Formula. This game was originally designed as a mode for hero shooter: Paladins, which was revealed back in January. It’s appropriate then, that a lot of the strategy and gameplay design mirrors a hero shooter. Realm Royale has a squad-focused design. Each class has different strengths, but also weaknesses to account for, so only through teamwork can players survive. Hunters can pull off stealth kills to quickly down opponents but need a Warrior’s Shielding Potion to survive a firefight.

Fortune favours the bold in Realm Royale. To really improve your chances in a game, you have to visit Forges, which let players craft Legendary Weapons, fight for control or steal weapons. As such these areas naturally attract combatants from far and wide to intense conflicts that can turn the tide of the battle for the Crown Royale.

Realm Royale

Realm Royale has just entered Early Access and is available now for free at or on Steam.