Hunt down a murderer as a cabby detective in Night Call

Posted on June 12, 2018

An interesting mystery game caught our attention during the E3 PC Gaming showcase – Night Call, in which you must find a serial killer on the loose while earning enough from your job as a cabby to pay the bills.

The streets of Paris is the backdrop for this mystery, where the police are having trouble bringing a serial killer to justice. The victims were all clients of your taxi company, and worse, you are the last person to see the most recent victim alive. Your shift begins at nightfall and ends at dawn. This will be your chance to speak to your clients as you drive, to try and discover as much as you can before it’s too late. However, you also need to earn enough to pay the bills, meaning that you’ll sometimes need to useful info for a good paycheck. You gotta survive, after all.

the player character talks to a client in Night Call

The game’s art style instantly makes you think of a gritty noir with its detailed hand-drawn characters, grayscale palette and heavy shadows. It really sets the scene for a foreboding and intense experience. Which characters you encounter and where, and even the identity of the murderer may be different with each playthrough, according to the developers. This’ll add replay value onto an already interesting idea. We’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

Night Call will be available for PC in early 2019, and you can check out the game in more detail on their official website.