Sea of Solitude announced, releasing 2019

Sea of Solitude (SOS for short) was originally announced in 2015 and picked up by EA under their Originals indie program in 2016. After a period of silence, it has returned to E3 with the debut of its first official trailer and a release window of early 2019.

Created by Jo-Mei games, Sea of Solitude is set in a sunken city. The protagonist Kay has been turned into a monster by her loneliness, your objective is to uncover what happened and to attempt to turn her back into a human being by balancing her emotions.

Sea of Solitude screencap

Sea of Solitude features gorgeous cell shaded graphics and a storyline described by creative director Cornelia Geppart as her most personal and artistic. After being in development for a number of years, it is great that it will finally see the light of day. Check out the trailer below.