Skull & Bones: Long live Piracy!

Posted on June 12, 2018

Ubisoft came out firing in their press conference this morning, giving us some more insight into their upcoming pirate action adventure, Skull & Bones.

When revealed at E3 last year, the game seemed to be taking some serious cues from Assassin’s Creed and the way they do ship battles in that franchise. The trailers shown today and information given certainly help to give Skull & Bones more of an identity of its own.

There will be “fortunes” in game that reveal trade routes and weather via a fortune teller. The developers boasted a shared world where every player encounter matters, referred to as the “hunting grounds”.

The gameplay trailer shows the importance of gearing up, customizing your ship and ensuring that you’re well stocked for an upcoming adventure. Despite the brief insight into what Skull & Bones will look like on land, we can see again a large focus on ship battles, and some of the tactics around this. It also showed boarding an enemies ship and some of the loot you can get. Check it out.

The whole experience looks far more polished than what we saw at last years E3. A nice touch is the ability to find friendly ships of other players in the distance and invite them to join your squadron to take on more difficult foes. Ships will also have special abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

It certainly seems like Skull & Bones is one to keep a close eye on, so stay tuned for its eventual release in 2019. You can also sign up for the beta right here to give piracy a chance.

Skull & Bones