Sony announces new story driven PS VR adventure, Ghost Giant

Posted on June 11, 2018

E3 is in full swing and we’ve already seen a truckload of gaming goodies come out of this years conference. Joining that already impressive list of games is Ghost Giant¬†which is the delightfully fun looking and adorable new PS VR story driven adventure from developer Zoink who recently brought us Fe.

Ghost Giant is the tale of young Louis, Louis lives in an out-of-the-way part of town, where he tends to the family sunflower farm together with his mother. Life isn’t always easy for Louis however and he is often very lonely, that is until you enter his life!

The townsfolk of Ghost Giant

You are now in the world of a giant sandbox. As the player you take on the role of the Ghost Giant, a bit like an omnipotent being, you can use your big blue see through hands to move around the various objects in the world. The picture perfect town of Sancourt is your little dollhouse in this open sandbox and you can for the most part do as you please, even opening up entire buildings to reveal the individual stories happening inside.

Games often don’t receive the credit they deserve when it comes to being story tellers, sure they have some pretty big competitors in books and movies but in recent years video games have come a long way to becoming true leaders in the art of story driven narrative.

Whilst your first and primary role is to be a supporting friend to Louis, you’ll also find yourself doing other tasks such as heavy lifting and the odd job here and there that only a giant could perform. Ghost Giant does not have a set release date as of yet and there’s no further info past its announcement trailer shown below, however for owners of PlayStation VR it’s definitely one to keep your eye on!