It’s a villain breakout in the Spider-Man E3 showcase

Posted on June 12, 2018

Spider-Man graced E3 2018 in all his web-slinging glory in the latest showing from Sony. Insomniac’s superhero exclusive has exceeded all expectations by cramming a plethora of classic villains into this cinematic demo, which you can check out below. The showcase depicts the aforementioned villains duking it out with our friendly neighbourhood hero in their breakout of “The Raft” maximum security prison.

Spider-Man is but mere months away, so this latest (and potentially final) showing has put all the cards on the table. Plenty of combat, cinematic moments, web-slinging traversal, and gorgeous New York skyscrapers flesh out the showcase demo, putting the frantic superhero action at the forefront. If you weren’t keen on this game before, you absolutely will be now. I mean, just look at this group of characters below. HYPE INTENSIFIES.

Traversal through the game’s New York setting looks to be as satisfying as we remember Spider-Man 2 back on the PS2 being, and the action brutal and impacting. Just like the Arkham games, Spider-Man is looking to drag superhero video games out of the mire they sunk into over the years and into blockbuster territory.

Spider-Man villains

The PS4 exclusive is set to release on┬áSeptember 7th, 2018. I’ll be doing whatever a spider can to get my hands on this. Check out the various pre-order bundles from Playstation here.