Get some friends! Super Mario Party is Switch bound in 2018

Posted on June 13, 2018

Get some friends y’all, Nintendo have announced Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch will be released October 5th this year. Queue footage of oddly happy people playing their Switch together in strange places. This announcement was a welcome surprise, with all of the rumours about their other big announcements, Nintendo flew this one under the radar.

Mario Party is certainly one game that is an obvious match for the versatile Switch. As the trailer shows, the game can be played with a single Joy-con so two pairs will set you up for 4 player battling. Super Mario Party also makes use of the Joy-cons with Wii style motion controls for some of the mini games. One of the more interesting aspects of the trailer is when they demonstrate using two Switch consoles to make one larger screen.

Super Mario Party

One could argue that the Mario Party series may not be the most adult or mature series in the world. However it can’t be denied that once you get a group of people together it turns out to be a lot of fun. Featuring gazillions (read: many) varied mini games and multiple characters it is sure to bring out the competitive in your friends. Additionally the variation between the different games means there is something for everyone regardless of what genres you usually play.

With a stunner of a debut year behind it, we all wondered if Nintendo could carry the momentum through their second year. With a seemingly stacked 2018 ahead of it, looks like we have our answer. Check out the announcement trailer below and stay tuned to Checkpoint for more announcements from Nintendo live at E3.