Super Smash Bros Ultimate looks to be a total knock out!

Posted on June 13, 2018

Nintendo has finally released all the information Smash fans have been waiting for by unavailing the next saga in the Smash Bros series with Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

In a massive reveal video during Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse presentation fans were shocked, awed and delighted as the images began to flood their screens. Looking to be the biggest and best installment to the series yet Super Smash Bros Ultimate will feature every character in Smash Bros history, a roster of over 60 characters as well as some exciting new editions that had fans in a frenzy.

So who were these new characters joining the pre existing line up of lovable smash characters that got fans so excited? The Inking kids from the Splatoon series and Ridley, the arch enemy of Samus Aran from the Metroid series.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

It was also great to see multiple different versions of Inklings and Animal Crossing Villagers shown, along with a male and female Pokémon Trainer option. Representation FTW!

Despite taking so much inspiration from past Smash Bros games, Super Smash Bros Ultimate isn’t a port or a remake and will be a completely new entry into the series. Featuring some much loved game features from the past such as 8 player battles it will also include more new additions as well such as support characters that can appear during battle to aid you on your way to smash to the top!

But the best way to find out all the information on this upcoming Smash Bros title is to watch the video from Nintendo below.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will also be compatible with the full range of Nintendo Amiibo’s and its likely that we will see a new range out to work alongside the game. It will be out later this year on December 7th just in time for you to smash you friends and loved ones for the festive season.