The Division 2 brings a new lush setting in Washington D.C.

Posted on June 11, 2018

The Division was certainly a divisive game when it released a few years ago. A blend of RPG and shooter the co-op shooter brought a slick aesthetic and heaps of online multiplayer fun. Unfortunately it required a few years to really get its footing right and the game that exists now is very different to what was released.

Today at Microsofts E3 Press Conference Ubisoft have given us our first look at the sequel in the franchise, The Division 2, offering a brand new location and environment.

Set in Washington DC six months after the outbreak we see the setting go from the dead of winter to the heart of summer. This new season brings a lush new backdrop where nature is taking back parts of the city which we saw in a quickly gameplay trailer.

In the trailer we get to see the team, with stock standard Ubisoft team chat, as they descend upon a downed Air Force One jet for that sweet sweet loot. Obviously the enemy descends upon them and we get a look at the click new user interface and an array of new gadgets to demolish your enemy.

The Division 2 was announced earlier this year and is due to release on March 15th next year. We’ll most likely hear much more information tomorrow during the Ubisoft conference.