Have a trucking great time with Truck Driver, coming soon

Posted on June 29, 2018

Have you had a hankering for a career-focused truck driving sim that truly brings out the fun factor? Well, look no further than Truck Driver! Developer Triangle Studios and publisher SOEDESCO have put together the ultimate trucking simulator for those budding long-haulers out there. Check out the teaser trailer below.

While the trailer isn’t much to go off, the fleeting scenes of a bright red truck barreling down a rural highway certainly paints a pretty picture as to what the game will center around. You can’t go past that good ol’ Americana rock n roll soundtrack either, yee haw!

SOEDESCO has outlined the main features of Truck Driver:

  • Enjoy a trucking experience focused on your career as a truck driver
  • Build stronger relationships with the local community with each job
  • Customize your truck with tons of parts and tune it to your liking
  • Explore a vast open world and watch it progress with you
  • Navigate through beautiful landscapes and fully explorable cities

“Truck Driver focuses on the player’s experience as a truck driver and their interaction with the local community,” Triangle Studios states. “Players get to meet all sorts of unique characters and build relationships with them by successfully completing transport jobs, to fully experience the eventful career life of a trucker”.

Truck Driver

Embedded below is a longer video which contains some developer commentary about Truck Driver. In the video, the creators explain the progression systems, job types, and basic gameplay loops of the game. To be perfectly honest, the game looks pretty, seems to have a well constructed mission-based structure, and features a rockin’ soundtrack. While I have no desire to be a truckie, I may just pick this up to see if it sticks. Check out the announcement video below:

Truck Driver will be coming to early-access of Steam at an unannounced time, and will also be coming to Xbox One and PS4.