Twin Mirror revealed from Life is Strange devs

Posted on June 9, 2018

In more pre-E3 exciting news, talented development team Dontnod have revealed their new game, Twin Mirror.

A story-driven psychological thriller investigation game, Dontnod as a studio are well-known for their narrative style from titles like Life is Strange and the recently released Vampyr, which just came out to pretty positive reviews, including our own. Check out the trailer below.

While we don’t have very much to go on, the game is reminiscent of Twin Peaks and Alan Wake, with a creepy supernatural style. Main character Sam returns to the mysterious town of Basswood to investigate the death of a local journalist. He wakes up in his hotel room, his shirt covered in blood and no recollection of what took place the night before.

What happens next is a story of trying to recover those memories in a surreal environment, like trying to explore his own mind for answers. After all, “your mind is the one place to find the truth”. The studio has more than proven themselves at weaving an interesting tale with likable characters in a supernatural setting, so this definitely bodes well for this new game.

Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror is coming out sometime in 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.