Microsoft shows off the Adaptive Controller’s packaging

Posted on July 26, 2018

When Microsoft announced its Adaptive Controller a couple of months back, it came a bit out of nowhere. A controller designed for disabled gamers, supporting a wide range of input devices and control setups including mouth sticks, joysticks, or even just giant buttons. It is sure to be a boon for the disabled community, and Microsoft is now showing just how much care and thought it has put into its new controller.

The Adaptive Controller will have a “no teeth” design for all of its packaging, including its single-shipper and its retail packaging, with both packagings will unfold with minimal friction to get the inner goodness out. On top of that, the packaging will have convenient loops at every “major” step of the unboxing, which if the video is anything to go by, will make the unboxing experience a lot better for anyone with limited mobility. They have also made the box have a low centre of gravity, so it is less likely to move about if you don’t have the use of a second limb to keep the box in place. The Adaptive Controller will also integrate air cells directly into the shipper as to reduce the overall footprint of the box, while still protecting the contents inside.

the breakdown of the Adaptive Controller

Microsoft has had a somewhat deserved bad rap over the years, but they have been making leaps and bounds to repair that reputation, and the Adaptive Controller definitely shows that mentality. A lot of research and development has gone into the Adaptive Controller, but out the other end has come something well designed and thought out, right to the very last drop.

If you are in need of an Xbox Adaptive Controller, you can pre-order it now from the Microsoft Store for $129.99, and will be available in September of this year.