Back to the Beginning. Base Goku and Base Vegeta blast onto Dragon Ball FighterZ

Posted on July 30, 2018

The latest downloadable content for Dragon Ball FighterZ  has just been announced for the popular fighting game, and they’re going all the way back to the beginning. Fans of the series will be excited to learn that both base form Goku and base form Vegeta (from the Saiyan Saga) will be made available to play in early August. Trailers for both fighters can be seen down below, and they are certainly bound to get you pumped up and ready to fight!

Starting off with (Base) Goku’s trailer, who enters the stage on nimbus, we get to see the fun side of the peace loving Saiyan before the fight really gets going. A slightly different set of moves are used by Goku in this form, including his signature Kaio-ken technique.

A move that temporarily boosts a fighter’s strength, the new ability will vary in power starting at 3x Kaio-ken, and jumping to 20x Kaio-ken if a teammate has been knocked out. Of course, Goku’s ultimate attack in this form is the Genki Dama (or Spirit Bomb in English), and it is said to be the most powerful of any fighter’s attack, the drawback being its slow attack speed will make it harder to use.

Next we have the Prince of all Saiyans, (Base) Vegeta, joining the fray in his original battle amour and once again sporting a tail around his waist. Unlike Goku, Vegeta revels in battle and takes pleasure in asserting his dominance over all those who are beneath him. Being an elite Saiyan warrior Vegeta’s battle style is hard hitting and unrelenting, using mainly swift melee attacks to deal damage.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

His signature attack Galick Ho (or Galick Gun in English), a strong purple ki blast that can be shot diagonally at opponents, makes a return. In the trailer we also see Vegeta’s ultimate attack, Galaxy Breaker, which appears to be the same grab technique that ended Nappa’s life in the orginal series.

Despite already having two versions of each fighter, Goku and Vegeta’s first battle in the Dragon Ball series was iconic, and makes a lot of sense to include both of them in the game. They’ll both be available for purchase and download next month, in August. Dragon Ball FighterZ is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and will be coming to Nintendo Switch September 28, 2018.