Dead Cells hits physical shelves with its Signature Edition

Posted on July 6, 2018

Dead Cells has been lighting up Steam Early Access ever since it originally became available back in May of 2017. The game is an action platformer / roguelike that draws similarities to games like Rogue Legacy with slick and quick combat and some progression being saved from one run to the next.

Announced earlier today was the game’s standard edition and Signature Edition hitting physical shelves this August 17th for Europe and August 21st for the US. An Australian release hasn’t been specified although we are likely to get ours at a similar time as Europe. Coming to PS4, PC and Switch, Dead Cells is shaping up to be your classic indie success story with its popularity on Steam Early Access opening it up to a much bigger official launch. The game is also expected to release out of Early Access at a similar time throughout August.

The Signature Edition of Dead Cells comes with a few bonus goodies for dedicated fans. A press release states that “the Signature Edition versions will include a copy of the game, a double-CD soundtrack, an exclusive enamel character pin, a fifty-six-page hardback artbook, a numbered certificate of authenticity and will be presented in an outer box featuring exclusive artwork in a matt finish with spot gloss.”

Dead Cells cover image

Fans of the Roguelike genre should be excited for this release. Dead Cells has fared incredibly well for itself so far based purely on word of mouth, and for good reason. The game comes with standard mechanics of the Roguelike genre including procedural generation and permadeath. No single run will be the same as the last and any death will set you right back to the beginning. Thankfully the game does have some progression as you go which becomes vital to success. Unlocking blueprints for new weapons, traps, mutations and more will give you access to new and powerful gear for your next attempt. You can also straight up acquire upgrades and permanent abilities as you play.

The game also looks stunning with a unique and captivating art style and smooth animations. Certainly one to check out when it arrives in August.