Go further down the rabbit hole with Another Sight

Posted on July 14, 2018

Luna Great Wall Studios have dropped a new trailer demonstrating a tantalising glimpse of their upcoming mysterious title Another Sight. Another Sight was announced back in March with a tentative release window toward the end of 2018. It is described as a surreal fantasy adventure set in 1899 London.

After construction works on the London Underground collapse, the protagonist Kit is left without sight and meets Hodge, a mysterious red-furred cat. Working together they will use their unique talents to tackle environments, puzzles and meet some interesting historical figures such as Claude Monet.

When the developers said the trailer would provide a glimpse, they definitely weren’t kidding. Although touted as a gameplay video, there is precious little to go on as far as how this game will turn out. If you watch closely you can see a mix of side scrolling and potentially 3D sections. The graphics from the game itself appear very lush and will be supported by an orchestral soundtrack to create a surreal atmosphere.

Mark Ponte CEO of Luna Great Wall Studios commented “We’re delighted to able to lift the curtain and share these glimpses of Another Sight, and we’ll be showing more of the adventures of Kit and Hodge later in the year as we lead players further down the rabbit hole closer to release. “

Luna Great Wall Studios was founded in 2016 and although they have a number of projects on the go, Another Sight will be their first release. Interested parties can follow the games development via their official blog and associated social media channels.

Another Sight

Right now that is about all that is known about Another Sight. Going down the rabbit hole does sound oddly intriguing if somewhat Alice in Wonderland.

Hopefully a delightfully trippy interesting game results from their hard work and we will be looking forward to further updates from the developers.