Unleash your inner Captain Planet with Seeds: The Magic Garden

Posted on July 14, 2018

SEEDS: The Magic Garden allows you to play a video game and benefit the environment, thus society at the same time. It’s true, it’s true. Manage to complete the game and you will have a tree planted in your name, thanks to a collaboration with international conservation charity World Land Trust. Plus you will receive a donation certificate to share on your social media pages so everybody knows you are doing your bit.

Released a couple of days ago, SEEDS: The Magic Garden is an iOS/Android puzzle game that allows you to help grow 30 extinct plants. Assist friendly beetle-cat Arni on a quest to save plants by matching different coloured stones across dozens of levels. There are a variety of boosters to use but look out for toxins, explosions and various other hazards along the way. The game is described as devilish in its difficulty, so one will need to stick with it to get their tree in the ground.

As is standard with most mobile game trailers, we start off with storybook like visuals and then move onto what appears to be a standard mobile puzzle game. SEEDS: The Magic Garden lists amongst its features an unlimited lives training mode with the aforementioned 30 trees with 3 stages. Increased skill levels will allow larger trees to be grown and a colourful level map so you can keep track of the trees you have saved!

World Land Trust had this to say about their collaboration with the developer Znavit Games: “We were delighted to hear from Znavit Games. We believe in engaging people through various means, including technology – and SEEDS: The Magic Garden is a perfect vehicle for people to help save the world’s forests.” a point of view shared by Znavit Games co-founder Ori Behrend “This is a way for anyone with an iOS or Android device to have fun – and at the same time, make a meaningful contribution to the world at large.”


Whether the world really needs another mobile puzzle game is a moot point, but one thing for sure is that the planet could do with more tree’s and if its going to be a mobile game to do that, then so be it.

Seeds: The Magic Garden is our now on iOS and Android, free to download with in game purchases.