Make it, Mix it, Play it! Track Lab comes to PlayStation VR!

Posted on July 14, 2018

Some exciting news has come out of Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia with the announcement of Track Lab, an innovative music creation game that is coming exclusively to PlayStation VR, available from August 22nd, 2018.

Players will be able to explore a new world of sound and unleash their creative flair in virtual reality, with a fully immersive experience. Track Lab will allow players to create their own unique tracks and bring them to life using the power of PlayStation VR.

A somewhat unique approach, Track Lab will make creating music fun and easy for anyone looking to make their own original tracks. Taking music creation beyond simply remixing or just pretending to be a DJ, the game will offer players high-end professional tools that are both enjoyable and accessible to all who pick it up. “The first time you enter Track Lab you’ll realise this is unlike any musical instrument you have ever played, it doesn’t require notes or even a single bit of musical knowledge. Simply start picking up sounds as if they were building blocks and start building beats.”

Game developer Tomas Sala, of Little Chicken Game Company, has used the PlayStation Blog to say, “As human beings we all share a unique talent: the power to recognise good music and enjoy a good beat. Doesn’t this mean everyone should be able to make good music, since we enjoy and recognise it so well? This is the central idea behind Track Lab, a new and innovative music creation game coming 22nd August to PlayStation VR.”

This certainly makes sound sense when you think about it, as everyone does enjoy music and being given an opportunity to make your own sounds like a challenging but enjoyable task. Track Lab is available for pre-order on PlayStation Store today and will be ready to play on August 22nd, 2018.