New Solomun music video “Customer First” filmed entirely within GTA V

Posted on July 31, 2018

So almost five years since its debut, GTA V is still going bizarrely strong. Many players completed the solo story years ago and then the focus shifted to GTA V Online with loads of groovy updates including heists, different businesses and arcady racing updates. In what may be the last substantial update before Red Dead Redemption 2, last week Rockstar released the “After Hours” update. New cars aside, the main aspect of the update is the ability to purchase (for about $2million credits…), enjoy and run your own nightclub!

As part of this update is the ability to hire actual DJ’s to perform sets in ‘da club’. The first cab off the rank is award winning Bosnian DJ, Solomun. The mission involved is actually pretty funny, although to be honest in my club I would have preferred some 80’s remixes. Nevertheless, Solomun’s partnership with Rockstar has yielded the first (correct me if I’m wrong) OFFICIAL music video filmed by an artist set and filmed completely in a video game. Check a look.

Solomun gets to show what he gets up to in his spare time, delivering packages and running into GTA V characters along the way. As for the song, it may not be likely to light up the charts anytime soon. Although I am certainly looking forward to the next set of DJ’s and I wonder if they will follow suit with GTA V themed music videos for their singles.

Although this is the first official Rockstar directed GTA V music video, a quick YouTube search will demonstrate that it isn’t the first of its kind and probably not even the best. One of the many things GTA V has given to the world is user made content and there’s no shortage of great fan made videos out there. It should surprise nobody that Los Santos lends itself particularly well to Gangsta Rap, maybe Solomun should have taken some notes.

In defence of Solomun and Rockstar, whilst you can do all kinds of things in GTA V Online, not all of them would be overly appropriate. Especially seeing as Rockstar are still trying to distance themselves from the age old controversies that they just can’t seem to shake. It’s probably a good idea for the companies to not involve themselves too much with the less tasteful activities and leave that to the fan content.